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Frequently Asked Questions


I have moved to 422 Harless Lane in Dawsons Cove off Smokey Road. It's a new neighborhood and DOES NOT pull up correctly in maps. In maps use 2374 Smokey Road. This the the address for the front of the neighborhood. Once in go left onto Harless Lane and I am on the right, number 422. Thank you.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

You can book your order 3 months in advance. At a minimum I need a 2 week notice for an order. It is best to book your date as soon as possible even if no theme is decided. There is a $25 hold secure the date retainer, this will be subtracted from you total that is due 2 weeks prior to pick up. 

What payments do you accept?

Whisk Confections accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. If you are wanting to pay with cash or check it will be your responsibility to bring payment to me by payment deadlines. Any checks that do not clear will result in your order being canceled and proper measures will be taken plus an overdraft fee will be charged.

Is there a minimum order amount for cookies?

When ordering the traditional flavor cookies (vanilla bouquet) there is a 1 dozen minimum for regular size and a 2 dozen minimum for miniature size. There is a 2 dozen minimum for regular and miniature size cookies if ordering a custom flavor. Custom flavors are an additional $6.00dz.

How are items packaged?

*Cakes & cupcakes are all packaged in an appropriate size box. The lid may not close all the way if the cake is taller or decoration might get smooshed. 

*When ordering cookies you have the option for choosing- grouped together for easy serving, individually packaged in clear food safe bags, or favor packaging with coordinating ribbon. 

Do you offer vegan, sugar free, or gluten free options?

Can you make logo cookies?

Not at this time. 

Absolutely! Please contact me for your logo needs. I have an FDA food ink that prints directly onto your cookie. This results in an exact math for detail and colors. 

How long are the bakery items good for?

*Cookies have a 2 week shelf life if kept in their packaging and in a cool dry space. Never put cookies in the refrigerator as this will melt their icing and cause a hard cookie. 

*Cakes have a 5 day shelf life if kept in the fridge. 

How should I transport my bakery items?

*Cookies should be transported in their boxes/bags on the floor board of a vehicle. This will insure the box/bag does not slide off while in transit. Keep cookies out of direct sunlight, this will cause the packaging to sweat. 

*Cakes should be transported in a cold vehicle and on the floor board of a vehicle. A chair has a slight lean and can cause cake layers to shift. Do not place cake down hard, this can cause a collapse. I recommend keeping your cake in the fridge until needed. Heat and humidity can melt the buttercream icing. 

Do you ship your cookies?

I operate in accordance with the Alabama Food Cottage Food Law which allows Whisk Confections to ship cookies to other parts of Alabama. I am in the process of setting up this service. Email me if not able to do so on the website. 

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery is on a case by case basis depending upon availability. There will be delivery fee that is in accordance with the gas mileage rates. 

Refunds & Cancelations

*There is a save the date retainer that is non refundable. If a 2 week notice is given I will refund the difference of your order minus any tools/supplies I purchased to complete your order. 

*Classes are non-refundable. You may transfer your ticket to another person and update me. Whisk Confections is not liable for any monetary transactions between people transferring classes. 

*Once an order leaves Whisk Confections it is deemed acceptable and no changes will be made. 

*If you are a no show for pick up on the scheduled date/time with no communication to Whisk Confections then your order is subject to be resold, donated, or deposed of. 

*Whisk Confections can cancel your order and go to next in line if payment is not made by due date. 

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