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SANTA IS HERE ONLINE COOKIE CLASSThe class workbook supply list and videos are ready to go.


This is for the purchase of an online virtual class in a private FaceBook group. Access to the videos will not expire. You can work at your own pace. You'll find the group the PDF Workbook and list of all supplies needed. Plus a cookie and royal icing recipe. 


Once purchased you wil recieve 2 emails. One with be your reciept with confirmatoin number, the other will be the private FaceBook link. The email will go to whichever email you used during check out. 


Skill level- intermediate/advanced but all levels are welcome. 


Techniques- Outlining, Flooding, Wet on Wet, Transfers, Airbrusing, Petal Dusting, Layering....


Pre-requisite: You don't need to be advanced or seasoned cookie decorator. But you do need to have basic knowledge of royal icing and have some experience to decorate with royal icing.


Welcome anyone who is looking to improve their skills or learn new thing to become cookie artist!

Santa is Here Cookie Class, ONLINE

Excluding Sales Tax
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